Saludos mi gente! Welcome!

I created as a website dedicated to discussing Puerto Rico’s political status. I was born in Puerto Rico and am a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico. I’m an expatriate who sought “fame and fortune” abroad. Although I found a very small measure of both, I remain committed to helping find a solution to Puerto Rico’s political dilemma.

As the website name suggests, I believe statehood is the best option for the Puerto Rican people. I also believe that only through a civil and thorough discussion of the issues can we make informed decisions. There is too much ignorance and misinformation on all sides of this debate.

Statehood is not perfect. It is not a silver bullet or a magic wand that will cure all of Puerto Rico’s ills overnight. I believe however it is our best option. I want to extend an invitation to all parties with an interest in this topic, both pro and against statehood, to make their case. Let’s talk. And while we do this, my intent is to create an online community of Puerto Rican patriots. Because love of country doesn’t depend on our status affiliation. It depends on our willingness to be a part of the solution. I invite you to visit the blog, the forums, the image gallery, and the wiki using the links above.

Welcome to my virtual batey on the Internet.

Warm regards,

Samuel Quirós
(aka Jíbaro and Cacique of Puerto Rico 51)