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Here I will post articles, essays, and interesting tidbits of information as I find them. These are mostly my own opinions and commentary, or information I’ve chosen because I find it interesting. You can see my latest blog posts on the menu at the right hand side of the screen, as well as older post archives by month and by category.

I’ve added Google Translate support to this blog. Notice the “Select Language” menu on the bottom of the page. Selecting a language from this menu will translate the blog into that language. Be advised that the translation, while quite good, is not perfect. Some language nuances, humor, or sarcasm may be translated incorrectly or missed entirely. It will however provide a greater degree of accessibility for people who are more fluent in languages other than English.

If you are familiar with RSS feeds (Really Simple Sindication), you can also use your favorite RSS reader to subscribe to the Puerto Rico 51 RSS Feed.

Every blog post will have a link to a topic at the Puerto Rico 51 forums. If you want to discuss a blog post, or start a whole new discussion thread, I invite you to visit the forums and become an active member of this online community.